Zemfira has revealed the details of the attack inadequate fan


www.vsyako.netTemperate: Dmitry Lokaj / “Kommersant”

Carey spoke about the fan, waylaid her at the house and crashed her Mercedes. The word artist is “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Zemfira said that previously crossed paths with the man. It happened in winter: “from time to time come to me inadequate citizens who are trying to start a conversation, to make contact”.

The artist explained that in such situations threatens the fans by the police: “this time it was about the same, but I just talked to him a little longer, because I have not had the opportunity to go to the entrance, I was busy with both hands. I went to the entrance with the help of a neighbor with a dog. For a long time and he jerked around, fifteen minutes. Well, his speech was incoherent”.

Zemfira again threatened the man by police and he began “yelling at the yard”, “It’s incoherent speech. The most vivid thing I remember from the speech, that his parents took him to the sect of Jehovah.”

The singer said that does not overlap with the fan in the day when he smashed her car. “He’s sick, frankly. He didn’t even try to hide, there is no logical thinking. He just stood there, thinking how I to call. And I have alarm in the car no, I did not,” said she.

Zemfira added that the man did not steal anything from the car.

Against 35-year-old fan, working as a loader, a criminal case was initiated under article “Deliberate destruction or damage of property” of the criminal code, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”. Damage to the sign was estimated at “not less than 17.3 thousand rubles.”

On 29 July it became known that the 35-year-old Gleb Serebryakov appeared in the yard of the actress on Frunzenskaya embankment and broke two front Windows of the Mercedes owned by Zemfira. The man was detained by police, after which he was released under recognizance not to leave.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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