Cords wrote a poem about the fun of Putin


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The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has written a poem dedicated to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his dive to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. He has published his work in Instagram.

In the poem the Cords is called the head of state personality and the alpha, the handyman and the right man. The musician also said that Putin is “like a blogger, only better” as not paying attention to the huskies.

That’s the same person all on high,
It is for many, so to speak, example.
You will climb inside the submersible,
That flies in the sky, for example.
Can compete on the Mat.
He’s got life all okay.
In the morning he swam with whales
And in the evening played hockey.
On the face of mind. Without passion
Tiger put to sleep. And the snow swirls.
They say that on all hands the master.
Exemplary, the right man.
To be among the events, right in the middle.
Suitable sawing it the content of Kamon.
He, as a blogger, only better,
The whole world follows him.
Likes — not likes, it is higher!
Personality. Alpha. Mega. Individual.
A new issue with it not out yet?
Wait. Well, what he’ll surprise us!

29 Jul Shnurov has published a poem in which he declared that “all Russia is enveloped in flames.”

Earlier in July, Putin on Board the lander C-3.11 explorer sank to the bottom of the Gulf near the island of Hogland and examined the sunken submarine U-308 “Salmon”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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