Female 37 years old kept in the fridge for a dead infant


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A resident of the American city of St. Louis, Missouri, a few decades secretly kept in the refrigerator for a dead infant. This publication reports the Washington Post.

37-year-old Adam Smith (Adam Smith) learned about the secret to my mother when she died. While cleaning at her apartment he found in the freezer of a small cardboard box. “I’m 37, and she was there all these years — says the man. — I was always told that it is the decoration from the wedding cake”.

Smith looked in the box and found inside the remains of a little girl wrapped in a pink blanket. “She still had skin, hair, and everything else he says. — She became a mummy”. The man immediately put it back and called the police.

The identity of a dead infant is not yet established. It is expected that the autopsy will determine the cause of her death, but DNA analysis will show whether she was the sister of Smith. According to him, the mother mentioned my stillborn child, and relatives were talking about the twins, whom she gave birth. One of them was born dead and the other was given up for adoption.

“Even on his deathbed, mother told me what was in that box — surprised Smith. — This suggests that maybe she did something to this child and didn’t want to tell anyone because I was afraid of problems.”

In February it was reported that in the village of Polovets in the North of Croatia found the body of a woman who disappeared 18 years ago. All this time it was kept in a separate freezer in the house where she lived with her older sister.

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