Forest fires in Siberia was going to extinguish with prayers and spells


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About 40 shamans from Buryatia, Transbaikalia and Irkutsk region will hold a ceremony at the call of rain in parts of Siberia, where raging large-scale forest fires. TASS said the Chairman of the Board of the interregional organization of shamans “Tengeri” Bair Tsyrendorzhiyev.

The meeting will be held on August 4 on the Baikal island of Olkhon. “Now we Refine the area where the burning of the forest,” said Tsyrendorzhiyev.

Earlier on Tuesday, July 30, Buddhist priests — Lama declared that too is ready to perform the rite of calling the rain on a burning forest, but this requires “the exact coordinates of the fires.”

As of 31 July, the total area of forest fires in Russia has increased to three million hectares. The state of emergency introduced in five regions. The most difficult situation in the Irkutsk region (137 fires) and Krasnoyarsk region (94 fire). To extinguish the fire in the North of the region have attracted aviation Ministry. The majority of fires are not extinguish because of their remoteness from settlements and infrastructure. Could have covered some cities of Siberia and Transbaikalia, the residents of the settlements began to issue masks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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