Found an impossible planet with three suns


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomers have discovered a planet that is part of a system that has three red stars. For a long time it was thought that such systems could not exist due to the fact that the planets they do not have stable orbits. This publication reports Live Science.

LTT 1445Ab a rocky planet that was discovered by the transit method using orbital telescope TESS, removed from the Earth by 22.5 light-years. All three of the sun belong to M-dwarfs are small red stars of the main sequence. According to scientists, one of the stars from the surface of the planet looks like a big orange disk, the other the size of Venus in the sky of the Earth, but around a hundred times brighter. However, over time, the picture can change.

The search for planets is usually not possible in systems with multiple stars, which may prevent observations of the transit — the passage of the planet on the background of the disk of the star. Additional light sources “pollute” the data. In addition, astronomers determine the mass, size and position of exoplanets by perturbations in the movement of the stars, but in the triple system the orbit of the stars is quite complex.

Astronomers believe that the planet will remain in orbit around one star and will not jump to another. Previous studies showed that planets that are closer to the sun than one-third of the distance between this star and others, have stable orbits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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