From the tropics, escaped the deadly disease


www.vsyako.netImage: Public Health Image Library

The Ministry of health announced the distribution in Florida of a rare virus of Eastern equine encephalitis. Normally it is found in areas remote from civilization forests of South America, however, global warming contributes to the advancement of the infection to the North. This publication reports Science Alert.

The researchers found the virus in chickens that are used for monitoring the spread of infectious diseases. The pathogen enters the body through the bite of an infected mosquito, and then within a few days of developing a deadly inflammation of the brain. Infection of chickens may be indicative of increased risk of infections in people in the future.

Earlier, on 3 July 2019, it was reported that Brazilian scientists have found the origin of the virus that caused the worst epidemic of yellow fever in the country over the last 40 years. The strain that caused the epidemic first appeared in the state of pará in Northern Brazil in 1980. Infected primates spread across the Amazon until they reached Venezuela, Suriname and the state of são Paulo in 2013.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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