In Russia will remain low vegetable prices


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In Russia is expected sharp growth of the crop, write “Izvestia” with reference to the Ministry of agriculture.

Compared to the previous year’s harvest in the Russian greenhouses will increase by 40 percent. This will keep the low prices for vegetables until the beginning of December, said the head of analytical Agency FruitNews Irina Goat. However, according to the expert, to fully cover the needs of Russians will not succeed. She noted that about 50 percent of tomatoes in our country is imported. They were imported to Russia from China, Morocco and Belarus.

Further increases in harvest will lead to the fact that the “differential” prices for vegetables between summer and winter season will not be as significant, says the President of the Association “Greenhouses of Russia” Alexey Sitnikov. “The greenhouse area, which was introduced in 2017-2018-m, has reached capacity and the planned productivity, which in new projects reaches 100-120 kilograms per square meter”, — explained the expert. He added that in 2015 the average yield per square meter was not above 50 pounds.

In may it was reported that, according to Rosstat, from the beginning, the potato became more expensive by 22%, carrots — by 43.5%, onion — by 71.5 percent, and cabbage by more than two times. Rising prices of Potato, the Executive Director of the Union Alexey Krasilnikov explained by a reduction in imports. This is because of the supply from Egypt went to Europe, which last year faced drought. In addition, the price was spurred by the fact that now blocked the illicit channel, which is in the country illegally received vegetables from the Baltic States and Poland.

In the first quarter of 2019 food in Russia has increased, according to Rosstat, by 3.1 percent. In Europe during the same period prices increased by one percent.

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