It became known about the training of the Ukrainian military in Chernobyl


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Soldiers of the National guard of Ukraine hold periodic military exercises in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. About this reports Deutsche Welle.

During a tour of Pripyat, the tourists from Germany and Canada found on the abandoned café numerous traces of bullets. The guide explained to foreigners that the bullet holes in historic buildings in the center of the evacuated city left no stalkers, and employees of the Ukrainian national guard during firing.

The authorities do not advertise the exercises in the exclusion zone. So, on the website of the national guard and interior Ministry on the conduct of firings not reported. Warning about closing the area sometimes appear on the page of the state enterprise “Centre of organizational-technical and information support management exclusion zone”, which is responsible for admission of travelers to Chernobyl. Often, however, Pripyat is closed without warning. “Tourists were not allowed into the location, for which they paid money. And some just for the sake of it and flew to Ukraine”, — recalls one such case, the Director of “Chernobyl-tour” Jaroslav Emelianenko.

In a press-service of national guard confirmed that the exclusion zone periodically undergo military training. The Department explained the firing in Chernobyl is the fact that Ukraine is not specially prepared for this educational object. For example, in Pripyat, the Ukrainian military can work out the conduct of hostilities in urban environments, and to apply these skills during the fighting in the Donbass, said the guard. The Ministry also assured that soldiers comply with the necessary safety rules, and their equipment and machinery after firing to check for radioactive contamination.

Critics of such measures in the exclusion zone I think that the military should not be exposed to during training. “Of course, we can say that the exercises should take place in conditions as close to combat. But while the military must not die during these exercises. Besides, it’s still a zone of radioactive destruction,” says the editor of the site “Ukrainian military portal” Taras Chmut.

In addition, the dangers are numerous illegal tourists who were in the exclusion zone a lot.

July 21, page 61-th separate infantry jäger brigade of the APU in Facebook, it was reported that the Ukrainian military is ready “a few hours” to repel the Russian troops in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Thus, they responded to information about the presence of Russian troops in Belarus near the Ukrainian border. “The fact of presence in the moment is checked,” — said in the message.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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