Named the most annoying steps in sex


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Reddit users have called the most annoying and boring action in sex. The discussion launched by the user under the name kellywithayy asked the question: “What is the most annoying part of sex that no one never say?” The thread received over six thousand comments in a few hours.

Many users agreed that long waiting orgasm spoils any sex. The user under the name YourOneeSama said that it’s exhausting: “Some time is still good, but in the end you just stop and give up.” The commentators confirmed that no pleasure from the process at such moments to impossible. Some users called the shift a “mood-killer”, others argued that much harder to keep the fuse while naked.

Some have called boring and annoying actions that have to take after sex, for example, cleaning and washing. One of the commentators remarked that it is always with a smile watched as his lover struggled trying to wash my hands. Part of the subscribers of the thread took it as a joking matter. “Washing, drying, pumping your partner and put it back in the box” — ironically they.

The majority of men has called the worst moment in sex sudden decline of erection. “Again you are trying to do it, condom and all baggy as if hanging freely. All I think is “come on boy”,” shared user under the name desperadohooligan. One of the commentators remarked that he decided to use medication for potency to avoid such unpleasant incidents.

Almost all users agreed that some features of the physiology always persecuted people during sex — from seizures to sudden unexpected unpleasant sounds, but it should cope with humor.

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