Named the most popular Russian items on eBay


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Ryumin /

Entrepreneurs and small businesses export from the Russian Federation through the trading platform (in particular eBay) auto parts and car accessories. About this newspaper “Kommersant”. Also popular are watches and cosmetics.

The trend associated with the localization of parts production in Russia, more attractive prices and better quality goods than its competitors from China. The publication notes that in addition to the privateers sales are also engaged in distributors and manufacturers. At the same time, about 70 percent of sellers use eBay as the primary sales channel and do not have their own website

The work is in the implementation of the national project “international cooperation and exports”. It includes several Federal programs: “Industrial export, Export of agricultural products”, “logistics of international trade”, “Export of services” and “a Systemic approach towards the development of international cooperation and exports.”

In total for its implementation by 2024 it is planned to allocate about 1 trillion roubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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