Newcomer “Dynamo” has posted the sex tape and explained


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alessandro Bianchi / Reuters

Rookie of the Moscow football club “Dynamo” Clinton N Gier explained for the publication of a private sex video in Snapchat. The word athlete leads the Daily Mail, citing

The striker apologized for the incident and admitted he had been very drunk, because he said the signing of the contract with “Dynamo”. The Cameroonian stated that he pressed the wrong button, causing the video hit the net. He wanted to read the news.

The transition N Gier was announced on 25 July. The footballer, who previously played for Marseille, has signed a four year contract. He will act under the ninth room.

Shortly after the conclusion of the contract, the network appeared in a sex video with the participation of the Cameroonian. He posted it on Snapchat and was soon deleted, but it managed to spread on the Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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