Site traffic police stopped working after publishing the map with the traffic cameras.



Site traffic police stopped working after publishing a map with cameras on the Russian roads. An appropriate warning is issued on the page of the Department where previously published map.

“Currently, work is underway to improve the Internet website of the MIA of Russia”,-said on the page that was previously published map.

Previously on the website of traffic police of Russia first appeared publicly accessible map with all cameras on the roads. “The information resource is in the process of filling” was specified on the Agency’s website.

In July, the state Duma introduced a bill according to which all the cameras on the Russian roads should be owned by the authorities. The paper stated that it is necessary to protect the rights of vehicle owners. In addition, the authors of the project say that private complexes photo and video fixation of violations of traffic regulations allowed by applicable law, are not in areas with a high accident rate, and where car owners can slightly break the speed limit.

On 26 June the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the state Council meeting touched on the topic of video on the dangerous roads. The head of state noted that in such places should not have to hide the camera, because it does not contribute to the main task — to reduce accidents. “Instead of trying to discipline the drivers, they simply fail under the penalty,” — said Putin urged to restore order in this sphere.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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