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The results of the Russians subsidies for a down payment on the mortgage is an actual measure of support for home buyers, the implementation of which can have a positive impact on the business of building companies. This is stated in the message the real estate company “Metrium”, arrived in edition “”.

As the realtors, in Russia it is necessary to “spur” demand for property — including through subsidization of housing loans. “Incomes are declining for the sixth consecutive year, while housing prices for the half year increased by 5-10 percent, and mortgage rates increased from 9-9. 5 to 10-10. 5 percent per annum, suggest experts. — At the same time, the authorities have set a goal to increase housing construction by almost half to 120 million square meters per year. To such growth was the economic sense, it is necessary to stimulate the demand for housing, including through financial support to buyers using a mortgage.”

Subsidizing of the first installment on the mortgage is important because developers are moving to a new model of financing of construction projects — without the use of money of shareholders, experts add. Because of this, prices in new buildings are rising. “In this situation, the support of customers will be simultaneously using the builders”, — underlined in the message.

According to “Metrium”, currently loan home purchase no down payment available in five banks. The lowest rate for such loans is 12 percent per annum in the Bank “Russia”. Under 12.5 procenta you can take “zero” mortgage “PSB”, under 14 percent — in “SMP Bank”. “Revival” executes a mortgage without a down payment at a rate of 14.2 percent, Surgutneftegazbank under 12.4 per cent per annum.

To subsidize from the budget the first payment on the mortgage in mid-July of the current year was proposed by President Vladimir Putin. The relevant proposals are to be prepared by the government up to September 1.

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