The boy splashed the other with boiling water for glory network


www.vsyako.netFrame: New York Post / YouTube

In Manchester American Kentucky boy received third-degree burns after he was the victim of a new challenge. According to the New York Post, among children in the network is gaining popularity flashmob Hot Water Challenge.

11-year-old Billy Oliver (Billy Oliver) was hospitalized with serious burns. When he was sleeping at his friend, buddy poured on the boiling water. It has affected the baby’s skin on the neck, back, shoulders and arms.

Police arrested Angelo gat (Angela Guth), a friend’s mom. She was charged with failure to provide necessary medical assistance to Oliver after what happened. The woman declined to comment about the incident.

Patricia Oliver, the mother of the injured boy, warned other parents about the dangerous mob. According to her, the child stayed the night at a friend’s, and many times it was no problem.

“He went to sleep and woke up due to the fact that his friend laughed and poured on the boiling water”, she added. The woman called to tell all the children about the dangers of the challenge for health.

The participants of the Hot Water Challenge, poured boiling water on yourself or anyone else. In some cases, the children drink water from a plastic tube.

In early July, the network has been popular flashmob Bottle Cap Challenge. Its goal is foot to Unscrew the cap from the bottle so that the container remains stationary. The challenge was supported by many celebrities, including actors and athletes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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