The man decided to collect in the network of the money for the surgery for penis enlargement and lost


www.vsyako.netJophoto: Joe / GoFundMe

A man named Joe (Joe) launched on the website Go Fund Me campaign to raise funds for surgery on the penis, reports the Daily Mail. According to him, only need to collect six thousand dollars (380 thousand).

The author of the ad lives in the town of Gympie in Eastern Australia. Joe said that he would like to get a vasectomy. “My wife and I became parents of the first child just over a year ago and no matter how beautiful nor was our little girl, I wish she was an only child, although my wife wants more children,” he wrote.

According to men, their family will not be able to feed the second child. However, he added that plans to spend money not only for sterilization but also for penis enlargement and circumcision. Joe noted that his wife is upset his “micropenis” and that his penis foreskin, which she thinks is disgusting.

“I will never be able to afford, with your help I can finally achieve your dream to have another child and to appease my wife,” concluded the user.

The campaign was launched nine months ago. During this time Joe has not collected a single dollar.

In February 2019 wearer Reddit announced that her personal life was ruined due to the fact that she complained about her husband in the network due to the abnormally small size of his penis. The husband decided to file it in court and annul the marriage.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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