The Russians have called the most powerful fleet in the world


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kulinich / “Kommersant”

The majority of Russians (67 percent) believe that Navy is the strongest in the world. This is evidenced by data survey of the national center for the study of public opinion (VTSIOM), published on the organization’s website Wednesday, July 31.

Second place in this ranking is given to the us Navy: the most powerful is called 40 respondents. The third Chinese (15 percent).

In addition, 89 percent of Russian citizens believe that the Russian Navy capable to defend the Maritime border in the event of a real threat, which is 19 percent higher than in 2005.

Almost as many respondents find the service at the Navy’s prestigious. Only five percent hold the opposite opinion.

On 28 July, President Vladimir Putin at the main naval parade in the waters of the Neva announced the Russian Navy is all-powerful. According to him, the Russian fleet can compete with any opponent.

The President also said that the Navy until the end of the year will join the 15 ships and combat boats.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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