The United States immediately announced the equivalent of “Avant-garde”



The American military-industrial company Raytheon has completed the preliminary design of a hypersonic glider, created in the framework of the TBG (Tactical Boost Glide).

As reported on the website of the developer, we are talking about an aircraft is accelerated to hypersonic speed booster. “We understand the urgent need [to develop weapons] and work quickly to provide this advanced technology to our armed forces,” said Vice President of the division of the Raytheon Advanced Missile Systems.

In February it was reported that hypersonic maneuvering unit of the missile complex “Avangard” is the “realization of a new technological level” of the Soviet project of the space fighter “Spiral”.

About “Avant-garde” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in March 2018 in the message to the Federal Assembly. According to the head of the state, winged combat unit complex after separation from the carrier is able to fly at speeds 20 times the speed of sound, “he goes to the goal like a meteor like fireball, the temperature at the surface of the product 1600-2000 degrees Celsius”, and “winged block securely managed”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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