The US prepared for a huge landing in Europe


www.vsyako.netPhoto: US Army /

Department of the army USA placed a bid on a contract to deploy the largest contingent in Europe. This document is published on the official procurement website of the United States, it drew attention to RIA Novosti.

The Agency intends to contract to provide maneuvers of American Ground troops in Europe (United States Army Europe, USAREUR). It is noted that the purpose of the contract is to provide rapid movement of equipment and troops. In addition, a separate task is providing logistics during major military exercises. In geographic coordinates the place of performance of the tender specified a vast European territory from Britain to the Baltic.

The transportation of military equipment is expected on commercial trucks with different load capacity up to 80 tons. Also as a separate item are the rules rapid transit operations on the continent, where a key role to play Poland.

In June it was reported that the United States will deploy in Poland, a squadron of reconnaissance and strike drones MQ-9. It is known that the creation of the necessary infrastructure will be fully borne by Poland.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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