The water level in Russian Tulun began to decline


www.vsyako.netPhoto liubovkoval_lor / Instagram

The water level in the river Iya in Tulun, Irkutsk region stopped growing and began to fall. This was reported on the website of the city administration.

As of 06:00 local time (01:00 MSK), the water level amounted to 1125 centimeters. Two hours later, he dropped four centimetres.

On 28 July, the water level in the river Iya in Tulun district of Irkutsk region exceeded the critical level of 700 centimeters. On the morning of 30 July, the water has risen to 1016 centimeters, because of this, the police restricted traffic on the Federal highway R-255 “Siberia”.

The second wave of floods in the Irkutsk region started on 27 July due to heavy rains. In the area of flooding were eight districts, 20 settlements, and 475 homes. 657 also flooded farmlands, two socially significant object, one road bridge and three sections of roads. About victims and victims were not reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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