In Russia, invented the Constitution for kids in poems


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In Russia, invented a special allowance for children to learn the Constitution, write “news”. In the book the provisions of the document contained in the poems. In the work on the edition was attended by experts of the Federation Council of the Association of lawyers of Russia, Fund “strategy for the future” and the Institute for development of local communities.

Children’s Constitution contains 121-page and are designed for students 8 to 14 years, told one of the developers of the Handbook, Vice-President of Fund “strategy for the future” Anton Semikin. Illustrations for the book made by the children themselves in the framework of the contest “If I were President”, which was held in Russian schools in March — may 2019.

In verse retold the first two chapters of the Constitution (“constitutional Foundations” and “Rights and freedoms of man and citizen”). The authors specifically focused on “core values,” said Semikin.

The book tells children about military duty:

When your protection will be
Need your homeland,
The hand of the aggressor hovering,
Will thicken clouds in the sky,
You for her will rise
And hand you the gun take
Going to defend Russia,
Maybe she will fall.

Compulsory payments:

And in partnership
Responsibilities you will have:
To pay taxes regularly
After all, the citizens we are called.

That ignorance of the law is no excuse:

And who violates the laws,
Punished to be the one always
And who of the law suddenly does not know
I’ll answer anyway full.

The judiciary in the manual is presented as a wise owl, from the “watchful eyes” where not to go. In “extracts from the Forest proceedings,” the authors dismantle the violation of civil rights on the example of fairy-tale situations. At the same time the right of use of the native language of the authors reported the example of the Ukrainian crisis:

Now the war in Ukraine,
Where Russian is also a lot there,
And they their language is banned
And sparked a war and revenge.

Earlier, in July, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that the main provisions of the Russian Constitution not in need of radical amendment, but some clarification is possible. According to her, she supports strengthening the role of Parliament. However, the Federation Council speaker stressed that it will not make Russia a parliamentary Republic.

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