Male for fun, changed his name and regretted


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kenny Fu-Kennard

A resident of the English town of Bude can’t get a new passport and leave the UK after the name change. About this newspaper the Daily Mirror.

33-year-old Kenny Kennard (Kennard Kenny) for the sake of fun changed his name to Fu-Kennard (Fu-Kennard) in 2016. He claims that an innocent joke turned to his problems with traveling abroad. In the beginning of this year the patient expired passport, but three of its request for the issuance of the new document was rejected. His name was recognized as offensive to others.

“When I got my driver’s license, I asked to be out there Fu-Kennard. Then I did not have any difficulties, says Kenny. So I decided that the passport will be exactly the same story. How wrong I was”.

Now the Brit lives without a passport and can’t travel. “Despite the fact that I live in a coastal town, I love to visit new countries, — says man. Three years ago I was in Sri Lanka. So many places I want to visit, for example, in Cambodia. And I felt as if I was put in jail.”

Despite the prohibitions of the authorities, Kenny insists on the name Fu-Kennard. “Me and my friends even fun events. Life is too short to be bored, said the Briton.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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