Parents are told about the most common childhood secrets


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Reddit users discussed the most common secrets that children keep secret from their parents. Tred launched the user okaysobasically_ asking a question to all parents: “your children are currently trying to hide from you?” The discussion became the most popular on the platform and scored 16.5 thousand reviews.

User under the name Lael_Annaed said that got my son in a backpack hidden food, which he consumed in vast quantities in secret from parents. “When I asked him about it, he cried and pulled from under the bed a box filled with ravioli!” — shared user. Was that love in his son the girl gave him food every day, apparently because they learned from their parents that this is a proven way to win a man’s heart.

Another subscriber said that his seven year old son ate half a pack of jelly, which he bought for himself. After a few hours, touched by the parent noticed that the child confessed and repented in “crime”.

User under the name crichins noted that his six-year-old secretly retreated to the bathroom to do their business. Podglyadev for him, the parent learned that the boy was doing push-UPS in five approaches and then admiring in the mirror the growing muscles.

Another commenter said that a terrible secret his child — a personal account on Reddit. Despite the fact that he used his email to register, a parent dares to find out what interests the child and what any thread says.

Some users told me that keep the secrets of other people’s children. For example, one of them said that almost every night while walking the dog sees a neighbor girl admits to her room through the window guy. “I’m not sure, but I counted at least five different young people of different body weights and races,” he said. One of the commentators jokingly suggested that the girl need to pull up a variety of school subjects, and numerous Boyfriends to help her in this.

Earlier in August, the netizens have discussed life hacks that will help save lives. Among them was advice on breaking down doors and behaviour in cold water.

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