The apartment Buzova found questionable pictures


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Three-bedroom apartment on Prospekt Vernadskogo in Moscow rented by singer Olga Buzova, littered with unnecessary things, including questionable from an artistic point of view the paintings. Analysis of the situation of the apartment published “”.

As noted by the author of the analysis designer Sergey This the apartment Buzova “not amazing and not surprising especially anything”. In rooms This has seen cheap furniture, lots of soft toys and “paraphernalia with the face of the hostess.” In the living room, he said, is “iconostasis”, formed of awards and prizes awarded by the pop diva. The designer also found in the apartment of a rack of expensive shoes, which he estimated at not less than two million rubles.

“The home of Olga Buzova is a perfect example of a large number of apartments in our country — summed up This. With a good repair, calm colors, comfortable furniture — in fact insufferably boring and impersonal. Made as a blueprint, not bearing absolutely no identity.”

He added that the apartment of the singer may surprise is that rent — monthly Buzova pays the owners of the order of 180-200 thousand rubles.

Earlier, in July, This criticized the interior producer Joseph Prigogine and singer Valeria. The designer noted that the housing style of the capital’s night clubs, who enjoyed great popularity in the early 2000s.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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