The man learned the reason for the constant care his wife out of the house and regretted it


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A Reddit user with the nickname Bbqandspurs said that for a long time have noticed how the wife leaves the house, and began to think about possible cheating.

According to him, the wife is almost always much in advance was going to work, but the first spouse does not see in it anything terrible. However, he soon noticed that she also was to go for some time out of the house at night. The wife explained that he went for milk or bananas, but no products since it is not brought.

“My mind immediately jumped at the idea about the affair. The love of my life having fun with some jerk,” thought the user. Because of this, the man once invited his wife to have sex before she goes in the evening for food, but the woman refused.

After that, the husband decided to follow his wife and saw her arriving at the Denny’s restaurant. Once inside, he saw the wife coming out of the bathroom. After a long emotional dialogue, he learned that his lover didn’t cheat on him, but only went to the toilet.

The user explained that all this time the wife was uncomfortable to go to the toilet in their house because she “could relax”. Later, the author of the post noted that after the publication, the wife and I decided to overcome my shyness.

In the reviews some users said that too, in varying degrees, are experiencing similar problems. Nick explained that some are ashamed and others are trained from childhood to hide these actions in the presence of other people in the house.

Earlier in July, a Reddit user told the community that being married has set the Dating app Tinder and found a profile of his wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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