American beat a child for refusing to remove hat during anthem


www.vsyako.netKurt James Briquette: AP

On the Rodeo circuit in the us state of Montana the man beat 13-year-old boy due to the fact that he took off his hat during the anthem of the United States. This was reported by news portal NBC News.

The child is hospitalized with a serious injury: it is reported that he was bleeding from the ears after the 39-year-old Kurt James Brockway grabbed him by the throat and thrown to the floor.

According to Brockway, he noticed the boy in the baseball cap during the national anthem, and asked him to remove a hat, and in return received abuse. According to witnesses, immediately after the attack the man began to justify to others what the teenager “desecrated the national anthem”.

Brockway was arrested, he was charged with a felony — assault of a minor. According to police, in 2011 a man was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

In February it was reported about the case when the student refused to swear allegiance to the US flag and called the government and the country racist. Conflict with the teacher he ended up calling the police and arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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