Blogger died while performing a dangerous stunt on a cement plant


www.vsyako.netSpaniard Ruben CarbonellФото: page Spaniard Ruben Carbonell in Facebook

YouTube-blogger Ruben Carbonell (Ruben Carbonell) killed after he tried to parachute out of a pipe of a cement plant in the Spanish city of Alicante. This writes The Sun.

Carbonell together with a friend, sneak into the factory at night and climbed the pipe to a height of approximately 45 meters. The blogger wanted to make my parachute jump, but he did not open, and the man died on the spot. A friend who watched Carbonell crashed, called emergency services.

Police launched an investigation into how the blogger and his friend got into the factory and climbed up on the pipe. They also have to figure out why the parachute didn’t open.

Channel blogger was devoted to the dangerous stunts that he filmed and then published on YouTube. Carbonell jumped off bridges, been on a glider and jump with a parachute.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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