British newspaper ridiculed photo “Russian gangsters”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: social networks / The Sun

Russian “gangster-wannabes” posted in the social network photos with different types of weapons. British newspaper the Sun made a selection of funny, in his view, photos.

These people think they are scary thugs, but actually look very funny, the newspaper notes. A photo on which a man stands with a gun in his hand and a pantyhose on her head, signed in the following way: “This bastard is a gangster working as a comedian in his spare time”.

On one of the photos the armed a couple in love lying on the bed. The guy holding a gun, and the girl in the hands of a combat knife. The author of the material Debbie white (Debbie White) called it “true love.”

Also, the publication was surprised by the photo where the guy points the gun at the dead fish. It was signed: “Come closer and I’ll shoot the fish.”

In the caption to one photo, the tabloid used a play on words. The guy with the tattoo on the body and a shaved head, holding the little rabbit close in her arms, called “GOP chemist”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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