Estimated share of cheap apartments in Moscow


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In the Moscow market of new buildings — excluding projects in the new territories and facilities, only 4.7 percent of apartments are economy-class. This is evidenced by the materials of the Agency “MIEL”, arrived in edition “”.

Most sold in the city apartments under construction — 48 percent — housing comfortclass, still about 47 percent of the projects accounted for the business class. In July 2019, the share of the cheapest offerings fell by 0.1 percent, analysts estimated. Was less than three percent — and relatively affordable apartments comfortclass. In business, the volume of supply of housing under construction for the month, on the contrary, increased by three percent.

According to “MIEL”, by August, the average cost per square meter in Moscow new buildings has made 213,6 thousand rubles, an increase compared to June increased by 1 percent. In economy class “square” is worth a little more than 137 thousand rubles, in the “comfort” — 172 thousand, in business class — 251 thousand rubles.

“In July the market of new buildings in Moscow the activity of developers decreased again compared to the previous month, entered the market three new projects and six new buildings, experts say. — The total volume of supply in this slightly grown up.”

The most expensive new apartments, as follows from the submitted materials are sold in the Central district of Moscow: local “square” in average costs 580 thousand rubles. Second place goes to the West of the city (255 thousand per square meter). North district — third place (252 thousand per square meter). Most affordable housing is presented in Zelenograd (125 thousand for “square”).

Earlier, in July, was to identify the most popular areas of Moscow to buy a home. The list was headed by located in the South-East of the city of Sochi.

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