In Dagestan, has responded to claims by Kadyrov in the address of Imam Shamil


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Mufti of Dagestan commented on the statement of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov about the role of Imam Shamil’s war with Russia in the XIX century in the Caucasus. It is reported portal “the Dagestan truth”.

The statement refuted information about the fact that Imam Shamil rebelled against their country. “In that situation he just defended for twenty-five years of his father’s house and land of his colleagues, but when he realized the senselessness of this war, he started negotiations”, — explained in the administration of the mufti.

Mufti noted that the mention of Imam Shamil in the context of the wars of the 20th anniversary of the attack of Wahhabi radicals in August 1999 year in Dagestan correctly (In interview I there was a speech on the 20 anniversary from the beginning of the second Chechen war — ed. “Of the”). “The head of Chechnya wants to say that the shadow of Imam Shamil raised his people into two wars against Russia in the nineties? A strange turn,” the letter says.

Shamil was the third Imam of Dagestan from 1834 to 1859. In 1840, he decided to merge Western mountaineers of Dagestan and Chechnya and to become the Imam of Chechnya. From 1840 and fought with the Royal army until he was captured in 1859-m during the capture of the village Gunib in Daghestan. Shamil is the national hero of the peoples of the North Caucasus.

The Imam met three times with the Emperor Alexander II, one of the meetings occurred at the wedding of crown Prince Alexander, to which he was invited. In 1869 the Emperor of Russia Shamil was released on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Shamil died in Medina, Saudi Arabia, where he was buried in the cemetery of al-Baqi.

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