In Moscow intensified the housing fraudsters


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Over the past five years the number of fraudulent transactions at Moscow secondary housing market increased by 7.5%, follows from materials of the Agency “INKOM”, arrived in edition “”.

As the realtors, one of the rapidly growing popularity of fraud schemes is embezzlement of apartments through illegal obtaining electronic signatures of property owners. “Progress does not stand still, in the Internet age and General automation possible, first, to obtain information about almost any person or object, and secondly- to make a deal without leaving your computer. On the one hand, this greatly facilitates us life, and on the other opens new horizons schemers”, — experts explain.

In addition, indicate in the “INCOM”, the market still uses time-tested fraud schemes: transactions involving owners consisting on the account in a psychoneurological or narcological dispensaries, apartments for sale in violation of the rights of inheritance, sale of objects with an unclear legal history, a “fake” sale of housing certificate, sham transactions with the substitution of the contract of sale a contract of donation.

According to the observations of realtors, the number of citizens who are most often victims of the scams, include lonely elderly, as well as representatives of socially disadvantaged categories of the population (alcoholics, addicts). At the same time there are persons whom schemers try not to involve in their illegal actions is, for example, members of large families.

Among the property segments, where scammers are most active, experts allocate the economy (outdated housing stock, especially the “Khrushchev”), less committed theft in the “comfort” class. The owners of apartments business-class and higher price categories rarely become parties to the fraudulent transactions.

President Vladimir Putin in July signed a law on digital signatures in real estate transactions, designed to protect Russians from fraudulent schemes. From now on, to redesign the square meters on the basis of the submitted electronic application form will be possible only in case, if the owner in advance to notify the Federal registration service.

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