Pakistan punished India, ban Indian films


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Rishabh R. Jain / AP

The leadership of Pakistan has banned the screening of Indian films because of the worsening situation in Kashmir. This statement was made on Twitter by the adviser to the Prime Minister Firdus ashiq Awan.

“None of the cinemas in Pakistan will not show Indian films. On the showing of films and similar works of Indian production will be imposed a full ban,” she said. The adviser noted that this measure is associated with the actions of India in Kashmir.

In addition, Pakistan has stopped railway communication with India, Reuters reports. Minister of railway transport Rashid Ahmed said: “If we will be war, it will be the last”.

Earlier on Thursday it became known that the armed forces of India and Pakistan exchange blows in the border zone between the two countries. It was reported that Pakistan violated the ceasefire on Wednesday evening.

5 August, India announced the cancellation of the special status of the Northern state of Jammu and Kashmir, which now gives the region a degree of autonomy and right to make their own laws. Its territory is also divided into two parts. It is anticipated that there will act common to the Indian Constitution, removed restrictions on investment and the arrival of residents from other States.

The territory of the former Principality of Jammu and Kashmir is actually divided between India and Pakistan, although each side claims complete control over the region. The demarcation line (control line, the notional boundary of countries) constantly high concentration of Indian and Pakistani troops.

The state is considered to be one of the most turbulent in India. On the whole territory of the region claim unrecognized state also Azad Kashmir, a de facto part of Pakistan.

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