Predicted catastrophic volcanic eruption


www.vsyako.netThe volcano Kilowatt: S. Conway / USGS

According to the U.S. geological survey in the future can have a catastrophic eruption of the Hawaiian volcano Kilauea. The reason will be the presence of water in the bottom of the crater. This publication reports Live Science.

Observations have shown that accumulated in the crater the water forms three ponds of unknown depth, the largest of which has a width of from 11 to 14 meters. The ponds were formed due to cracks in the rocks, through which water seeps. Last year a major eruption of Kilauea has led to the fact that the crater was down to 300 meters, which was subjected to impact groundwater.

According to researchers, sooner or later ponds connect, forming a lake. During the eruption, rising magma will turn the accumulated water to steam, this will cause an explosion that will throw into the air a large amount of rocks and ash. The volume of magma may also grow because there are so many gas bubbles that increase the force of the explosion. Can occur in any of the scenarios or even a combination of both.

Despite the high probability of a catastrophic eruption, it is unlikely that it will happen in the near future, as long as the reservoirs out of water.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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