The best ways to beat laziness


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Reddit users shared the lifehacks, thanks to which they managed to overcome laziness. The discussion quickly became one of the most popular on the platform and gathered more than eight thousand comments.

The most important Council called the development of new habits. Most lazy people have noticed that the daily routine is addictive, and if you manage to develop resistance to the discomfort, it will allow you to start a new life. The second recommendation began playing sports that do not require much effort. Many said that sports without much effort, but on schedule, disciplinary.

An important point the users called the identification and treatment of depression. Commentators have noted that neglect their mental health is impossible, and, if necessary, should pass examination and to start taking the pills. According to them, laziness can be a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Many former procrastinators have helped scheduling for every day and work full time. They noticed the need to go to the office causes them to forget about laziness. Also most helped systematic care, which has also become the disciplining factor. A lot of users said that they were saved by the rule of “five minutes” to do anything for five minutes, though and slowly, but constantly moving toward the goal.

Some said that the reward for yourself: shopping or a delicious meal. Seasoned procrastinators boasted that they managed to put off laziness, — just as previously, they delayed things.

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