The network has listed the most annoying dad jokes


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Reddit users discussed the favorite jokes of their fathers. Tred launched the user under the name GrotiusandPufendorf, he scored more than 30 thousand likes and 6.6 thousand comments in a few hours.

It turned out that the fathers of most commentators prefer puns and well-known anecdotes. Each of them chose their “home” joke and used it when convenient. For example, a parent of one of the users constantly reminds the family that wear glasses while playing football not because it is a contact sport. He believes that his joke appropriate for any occasion.

Also quite common were jokes related to food. One of the commentators said that for many years his father reports that he was in a fortune cookie I got the note asking for help. “Every time my dad opens a fortune cookie, he looks bitterly and says: “Help! I’m being held prisoner in the factory of fortune cookies!” We need to help this man,” he said. It turned out, none of the family have never liked this joke, but the father regularly repeated it for 30 years. Now he continues to joke around like this with the grandchildren.

“Why do cemeteries have gates? Because people really want to get inside. My dad always talked about this, passing by the cemetery,” he complained to the parent user Vlaed. Another commenter supported his dislike of jokes about graveyards, noting that his father constantly calls them “dead spots” of the city in which it is currently.

Most of the users said that was never in awe of the sense of humor of their fathers, but those didn’t seem to bother. Earlier, the parents who use Reddit, told about the main secrets of their children. Many students secretly was eating the supplies.

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