The woman bought tight shoes and almost lost his leg


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A resident of the English village of Billingshurst West Sussex had contracted sepsis after he had blisters on her feet new shoes. On it informs the British edition Daily Mirror.

23-year-old model Gemma Downey (Downey Gemma) acquired in one of the local second-hand shoes on the platform. She wore them a few times, until he felt the strap rubbing on her heel. She had corn, which was very ill and after some time blue.

“One day I just fell to the floor in unbearable pain,” — said Downey.

She decided to go to the hospital, where she was prescribed antibiotics. However, the woman’s condition continued to deteriorate, so she had to go to another medical facility. There, specialists discovered she had initial stage of sepsis: “I went to the doctor and he said my pulse was very high and my blood pressure is very low,” she said.

Downey also warned that if she asked for help later, the infection could lead to leg amputation or death. The Briton was in the hospital for two days, after which she was discharged.

Now the model is forced to wear flip-flops or other loose shoes. The disease seriously affected her work, as she will now have to abandon shoes on high heels. However, Downey still plans to return to his normal life soon.

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