Actor from “Friends” recluse


www.vsyako.netMatthew Perrotto: Neil Hall / Reuters

American-canadian actor Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the popular TV series “Friends”, began to lead a solitary life. It is reported by RadarOnline.

It is noted that after undergoing surgery last summer, he virtually ceased to leave the hotel’s penthouse, which is worth seven thousand dollars a day. In addition, 49-year-old actor, who three times was undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence, again began to abuse alcohol, according to the sources.

“Hardly anyone knows him [at the hotel], because he is so untidy in comparison to how he is remembered by people. He avoids contact and almost never leaves before dark, with the exception of cigarettes or a visit to the hospital,” shared the source.

In June, the paparazzi took a picture of Matthew Perry for the first time in two years. The appearance of the actor has caused concern in the network, since in the pictures he is depicted in dirty clothes, with swollen face and hands. Journalists also drew attention to the fact that celebrity had grown long, unkempt nails.

As for Perry, he reacted with irony to the fact that such images appeared in the media. In social networks, he promised that he will always go for a manicure.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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