Breach of contract and Fadeev, Nargiz explained the love for alcohol


www.vsyako.netSinger Nargiz Zakirova and the composer and producer Maxim Fadeev Photo: Kirill Kalinnikov / RIA Novosti

Promoter and organizer of concerts Sergey Lavrov explained why the producer Maxim Fadeev decided to terminate the contract with the artist Nargiz Zakirova. About it reports “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Lavrov said that he often engaged in the performances of the singer and always feared that she will not be on stage. At Fadeeva, he said, also had difficulties with the organization of events like a celebrity sometimes just don’t go to the link.

“She took the bottle of whiskey and so the whole concert she held. When I in this regard, the problems started with the Directors of concert venues, Nargis had replaced the whiskey with a bottle of soda, where she poured the alcohol,” said the promoter.

“Strange lot there. Sometimes with her friends from “the battle of psychics” was closed in the dressing room and laid out the cards”, he added. In addition, Lavrov said that Nargis was a lot of weird requests in the rider, including the security guard who was on duty outside her hotel room at night. He concluded that Fadeev probably tired of the strange actions of the artist, so that their gap is not surprising.

On 8 August it became known that the label Fadeeva MALFA broke the contract with Nargis. The document on termination of the cooperation stated that now the artist can not sing songs producer. In addition, it is noted that the label removes all of the obligations associated with its tour, scheduled for August.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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