Crushed by stones farmer survived without food or water for four days


www.vsyako.netSum of Boratto: Battambang Province Police Authority / AP

In Cambodia a man stuck between the rocks and survived without food and water for four days. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

28-year-old Sum Boron (Sum Bora) went on Sunday, August 4, to collect guano — the droppings of bats, used as fertilizer. The man slipped and fell into a crevice between two stones, when trying to find your flashlight. The family of Bor began to worry after he got back and went looking for him. Brother found a farmer on the third day and reported it to emergency services.

The operation to rescue the trapped men took about ten hours, workers had to destroy the remains of the cliff to pull it out. Then the farmer was taken to a local hospital, about his state of health not reported.

Earlier it was reported that on the Hawaiian island of Maui, USA, rescuers found a missing 17 days ago woman. At night, the American took refuge fern leaves and slept in the mud. She ate everything that came her way: wild berries, plants with names unknown to her and insects that were crawling on the body.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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