Disclosed new details about the message from the past in the Russian language


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tyler Ivanoff page in Facebook

A resident of the U.S. state of Alaska Tyler Ivanoff (Ivanoff Tyler) found a bottle with a message in Russian language of Soviet times. Read more about an unusual discovery, he said in a conversation with “Tape.ru”.

5 August, Ivanoff said on his page on Facebook about the bottle with a letter dated 20 June 1969. In the publication the American asked friends who speak Russian, to help him with the translation of the text. Network users happy to reveal to man the meaning of the message.

In the letter the author said that he served on the depot ship “Sulak” in Vladivostok. He asked the finder of the bottle person to write the crew “Vostokrybprom” and indicated the exact address. “Wish You good health, long life and a happy voyage”, he concluded the message.

www.vsyako.net Image: screenshot of correspondence

Ivanoff remembered that the day collecting firewood for a small fire pit and noticed the bottle. The man immediately showed the find to the children. “I opened the bottle and saw that the letter was written in Russian, explained to an American journalist. — Children asked, the sound of Russian language. Thanks to the lessons of Russian at school, I was able to count to 10 and tell them a short poem.”

The man returned home and published the photographs of finds on the Internet to find out what was said in the message. “I didn’t expect that this news will gain such popularity and going viral, said Ivanoff. — I would love to say Hello to the author of the letter and to tell him that I found his note.”

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