Five-foot snake came down from the ceiling in the bathroom and scared the children


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Bryce Lockett

In Brisbane, Australia, a four-foot snake came down from the ceiling in the bathroom next to the brushed teeth children. This reports the Daily Mirror.

Frightened children ran from the bathroom. The family called the emergency services, so they removed the reptile from the house.

To the place of incident there has arrived the snake catcher Bryce Lockett (Lockett Bryce). It is reported that one in three people in Australia on the roof hides a snake. Lockett noted that this reptile has chosen an unusual place. According to him, very rarely someone from the ceiling descends a snake. He also said that for about seven years, catches snakes, have seen a variety of their habitats and is not afraid of them.

Lockett noted that a snake that lived in the bathroom, homeowners, carpet Python. They love heat, so a reptile got closer to the lamp. According to him, this snake is not dangerous to humans, but not like when it is disturbed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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