In France remembered about the Russian loans Imperial times


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The Deputy of the National Assembly of France Francis Vercamer called on the government to solve the issue of the Russian payments on the bonds of Imperial times, reports RT.

According to Vercamer, the descendants of the ruined owners of the bonds and after one hundred years require the return of the money invested. We are talking about the securities issued by the Russian Empire in the second half of XIX — early XX century.

Subsequently, these debts were cancelled by the Soviet authorities. However, in 1997, Moscow and Paris signed the agreement according to which Russia has paid off with debts of the Russian Empire.

However, according to the MP, in most cases, those payments were less than amounts actually invested. “Despite the agreement dated 27 may 1997, in which the government agreed to pay $ 400 million to bondholders remain victims,” said Verkler.

Now the descendants of the investors are going to find out what decisions the government might take in order to “to pay accounts payable”.

According to RT interviewed experts, no financial claims to Russia can not be here because from the point of view of international law, the question was finally closed at the level of governments of the two countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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