Lake in the Putorana plateau will be cleared of debris antropogennogo


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Professor assistant of “nature Reserves of Taimyr”

Volunteers and environmentalists “Reserves Taimyr” will work on cleaning the lake Ayan in the Central part of the Putorana plateau from debris left by man in the course of economic development of the territory, according to “Taimyr Telegraph”.

Clearing the lake will last 21 days. Has already been given in the order of the structure of the cordon on the South of the lake, the activists settled and proceeded to the main stage.

Jaan is frequented by tourists, leaving on its banks a large number of containers of petrol, kerosene and engine oil. Due to natural changes in the coastline of the barrels were in the zone of seasonal flooding, the metal began to collapse. They have to collect, cut, and prepare for transportation in 2020.

The project on cleaning of the reservoir called “Cisco Ayan” won in grant competition of the contest “World of possibilities” in the nomination “the pole of the North” and has received financial support in the framework of the charity program of the company “Norilsk Nickel”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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