Restored full picture of the assassination of Mikhail Krug


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Azarov / Kommersant

Singer Mikhail Krug, who was killed in July 2002, he was shot in Tver member of the gang of “Wolves” Dmitry Veselov, who broke into his house along with a killer of this criminal group Alexander Ageev. About it reports “Rosbalt” referring to sources in law enforcement bodies, familiar with the latest readings Ageeva.

Veselov and Ageev, according to the Agency, was tasked to steal something valuable from the house of the artist on the orders of the leader “wolves” Alexander Kostenko, known as Scrap. Kostenko, according to the newspaper, considered himself a major figure in Tver mafia and wanted the Circle was closer to him, not to the thief in the law Alexander Severova (Alex North), so I decided that I could position the singer if he returns the stolen value.

Almost all persons involved in those events already dead, writes “Rosbalt” in 2006, killed and Scrap unknown dealt with the driver of the car, which Veselov and Ageev arrived to the house on the night of the murder artist. Survived Osipov and D. both sentenced for life, and the latter, according to the Agency, could die in jail, where he was able to kill on the tip of Sasha’s North, which, according to one version, in 2003, they learned about the involvement Ageeva to murder Circle. He was also threatened danger to the colony, but there Ageev himself killed one inmate and injured another (according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, where he killed still two inmates).

In General, law enforcement agencies have long defined the picture of the killing Circle and, as expected, the case will soon be sent to court where it will either be terminated on non-rehabilitating circumstances at the request of relatives, or Veselov will be convicted posthumously. Official comments in connection with the latest information on the case is not.

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