Secrets of network users secretly stored in Google


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Charles Platiau / Reuters

User Reddit under the nickname AlleKeskitason offered to tell the users of Google the most shocking information they have learned after downloading your profile from the site IT company.

EnaiSiaion noted that in his Google profile indicated a love for the Chinese rap. According to him, this is absolutely not true, he just saw this music video on YouTube. FiveOhFive91 said that he had discovered in the archive of audio recordings of his conversations with the chief that took place two years ago.

The user aehoard troubled by the fact that he found saved the story of his shopping at different online stores such as eBay and Amazon. He stressed that the company never sought his permission for such action, and admitted that, probably, these shops sell the data about it in Google.

earlson was surprised at how Google stores information about all the places where he’s been the last few months. He also found recordings of conversations with friends and family, unaware that they were being recorded. FeelThePower999 supported his anger. According to him, Google knew every where he has been since 2015. “Every restaurant, every Barber shop, every night club, all stored at Google,” he wrote.

User ThrowawayReviewJoe remembered how he felt awkward when he listened to found in the archive your spoken search queries in the presence of the beloved. In one recording he heard the address to the search engine “Hey, Google, how do I increase penis size?”, and then saw the surprised look of the girl.

In may it was reported that Google stored passwords of its users unencrypted for 14 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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