The Russians wanted to leave without cheap drugs


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In Russia sales fell cheap drugs and expensive drugs, on the contrary, increased. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the report of DSM Group. According to experts, the pharmacy chain is not ready to sell cheap drugs as a bonus with their sales low.

According to the newspaper, the first half of 2019 sales of expensive medicines increased by almost eight percent and the budget fell in the category from 150 to 500 rubles — 3.3 percent, in the range from 50 to 500 rubles — three percent, in the category up to 50 rubles — for 7,1 percent. The drop in sales of low-cost medicines was the first time in the last three years.

Farmitalia connects the current situation with inflation — because it has slightly increased the cost of some drugs, but it was enough that they moved to another category with higher price. However, the absence of pharmacies in the cheap drug is also associated with the reluctance of manufacturers to produce such drugs on the market, especially if they are on the list of essential drugs.

The reason for this is that the cost to them is regulated and is not changed for several years, although the cost of production of these drugs increases, said Executive Director of SRO “Association of independent pharmacies” Victoria Presnyakov. As a result, to sell them becomes unprofitable.

While in real terms the proportion of drugs in pharmacies at a price above the 500 rubles is only 9.1 percent (in money — 43 percent of all sales). However, in the coming years, the structure of sales in real terms will also change in favor of expensive drugs, said General Director DSM Group Sergey shuljak.

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