The US President spoke about his fear


www.vsyako.netA young Donald trump and his father, Redphoto: Judie Burstein / ZumaPress /

The President of the United States Donald trump does not drink alcohol for fear of alcohol addiction. This he said in a telephone interview with The Washington Post.

According to the head of state on his decision not to drink is influenced by the situation with his now deceased older brother Fred. “He was handsome, and I saw what alcohol is doing to his body,” said trump. He added that a relative had lived a lot longer than you would expect in his condition.

“Let’s say I started drinking. It’s possible that I wouldn’t talk to you right now. There is some genetic effect,” said trump during the interview. At the same time he added that this fear did not prevent him to buy the brewery, which is now run by his son.

The President also expressed regret that in his time was supported by his father and pressured the brother to go into the family business against his will. “It was none of his business. (…) We had something like double the pressure,” he said.

Fred trump, Jr. after studying at the University began to build a career as a TWA pilot, but his father wanted him to go into the family business. In the end, the young man began to drink, was fired from the company and joined the firm of his father. He died in 1981 from alcoholism.

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