There have been reports about the radiation victims of the explosion at the site of the Navy


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Six victims of the explosion and fire at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region have received serious doses of radiation and delivered to Moscow by plane of sanitary aviation, says Telegram-channel Baza, without specifying the source of information.

According to him, all six being taken to Federal medical biophysical center named after A. I. Burnazyan, which is the flagship institution of the Russian health care in the field of Biophysics, radiological, and nuclear medicine. The channel also said their names: Igor Berezin, Sergey Plaksin Alexey Perepelkin Dmitry Abalin, Alexander Marusin and Sergei Grishin.

In addition Baza, citing sources in the Russian defense Ministry, reports that all the clothes of the victims were burned immediately after hospitalization. Similarly arrived and with chemical protection suits and clothing of the doctors who were the first to help the wounded. That the doctors, who worked with the victims in the explosion on the ground, were dressed in hazmat suits, reported Telegram-channel Mash, 8 August published a few photos, which show doctors in the appropriate gear next to the helicopter and ambulances with the license plates of the Arkhangelsk region.

The Ministry of defence did not comment on this information, but noted in its press release that “no emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere was not, the radiation background is normal”.

However, the authorities of Severodvinsk, near which was an emergency, reported a threefold excess of admissible norms of radiation background for half an hour after the explosion. In the Department of civil protection of the city administration stated that it did not present a danger for residents and that the level of radiation decreased sharply, returning to normal range.

On the background of these reports by military experts from the United States, citing satellite images of the area of the explosion in the Dvina Bay of the White sea, saw transportation tanker Serebryanka, designed for the collection and storage of radioactive waste. However, from open sources it is known that the vessel regularly participates in the activities of transportation of spent nuclear fuel and materials, primarily recycled nuclear submarines, as well as serving icebreakers in the North-Western part of Russia.

An explosion and fire at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region occurred on the afternoon of 8 August. As reported in the defense Ministry, it happened when testing a liquid rocket engine. Died two specialists of the Ministry, six of the Ministry’s staff an unnamed company-developer suffered. The defense Ministry did not disclose any other details about the incident, but authorities in the region said that it happened near the village of Nenoksa — there is the 45th state Central naval test range of the Russian Navy, where, according to open sources, tested almost all the latest missiles, including missiles for strategic purpose.

According to sources “”, the incident may be related to tests of the mobile launchers for hypersonic missiles “Zircon”; “Kommersant”, referring to one of the sailors, wrote that an explosion could occur as a result of the destruction of the missiles and the subsequent connection of the fuel with the oxidant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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