Ukraine have named a reason to get out of the Minsk process


www.vsyako.netRoman Bessmertnyi: ATR / YouTube

After the death of four Ukrainian military in the Donbass August 6, Kiev had to stop participating in the Minsk negotiation process before the meeting in “Norman format”. This opinion was expressed by the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group Roman Bessmertny on air of ATR TV channel.

He added that Russia’s foreign policy is implemented on the principle of peace enforcement. “We must prepare for the fact that we will act in force in any conditions. At the negotiating table, on the demarcation line, in diplomatic Protocol, international organizations, bilateral dialogues will always apply the mechanism of power through its own interpretation of international norms,” said the Immortal.

August 6 near the village of Pavlopil, Donetsk region in shelling killed four Marines from the combined forces of Ukraine. The next day, the President of the country Vladimir Zelensky called Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, calling as soon as possible to hold talks in “Norman format”.

The incident with the death of soldiers commented in the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND). They noted that their militia was not involved in the fire, which killed the Marines because of the remoteness of the positions of the militia from the scene.

The “channel format” — the diplomatic group comprising representatives of Germany, Russia, France and Ukraine on settling the situation in Donbas. In February 2015, the four leaders agreed in Minsk instrument including the introduction of a ceasefire regime and a legislative recognition of the special status of the region.

The armed conflict in the region began in the spring of 2014 after the attempts of the new authorities in Kiev to suppress speech in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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