Rumors about the begging who fought for Kiev actor Pashinin denied


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The Manager of the actor Anatoly Pashinin Julia Pavlova has denied rumors that the artist who fought in the Donbass, do not offer work in Ukraine. About it reports TV channel “Zvezda”.

“There it is, what to do, of course, in the Ukraine, so he is not asking, but still he received different offers,” said Pavlov, and added that he starred on “Belarusfilm”.

In June, the actor Sergei Marochkin posted in his blog post that until 2014 Pashinin appeared in Russian films and TV series, but then went to participate in the fighting in the Donbass on the side of Ukraine. As stated in the publication, and later his colleague was left without money, hired himself as a labourer and clearing snow.

The post also says that the Ukrainian projects didn’t take it as “Pashinin in his early career, was sharp-tongued and often manifested itself in the scandals with colleagues.” “So why did we start all this? He was making Russia great money, worked with the best Directors and could achieve unprecedented heights. Then he could appear in film, but there he destroyed himself,” wrote Marochkin.

In October 2010 Pashinin has threatened the Ukrainian intelligence agencies to commit suicide and complained of surveillance from their side. “My phone is tapped. I say into the phone, terrible things that the secret services could use these records against me, and then I will have proof that bugged me,” said he.

Pashinin took part in the fighting in the eighth battalion of the “Ukrainian volunteer army” (UDA, formed on the basis of the banned in Russia as extremist organization “Right sector”) and repeatedly interviewed from the front. The actor is known thanks to the works of such Russian films as “Admiral”, “We from the future” and the series “Storm gate”.

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