Ukrainians demanded 70 times to reduce the salary of the head of “Naftogaz”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: stringer / RIA Novosti

Citizens of Ukraine, urged President Vladimir Zelensky 70 times to reduce the salary of the head of Naftogaz A. KOBOLEV the. A petition posted on the website of the Ukrainian leader.

The author of the initiative Gennady Onischuk noted that in 2017, COBOL and 15 other top managers of the company received 204 million (eight million dollars) salaries and bonuses. In the text of the petition States that this amount contrasts with the overall standard of living in the country when most of its residents have a hard time paying “exorbitant utility tariffs”.

As of 18:00 Moscow time, the petition has collected 1021 votes out of 25 thousand is required for consideration.

In may 2018, it was reported that the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz” has offered to reward a part of the victory in the Stockholm arbitration court over the Russian “Gazprom”. Employees of the Ukrainian company for these purposes have allocated 1 percent of the amount won in the court of 45.6 million dollars. Upon appointment premiums the leadership of “Naftogaz” was prosecuted.

According to the arbitration decision, which was delivered in late 2017 in favor of “Naftogaz”, “Gazprom” is obliged to pay the Ukrainian company to 4.63 billion. However, taking into account the debt of Ukraine for Russian gas amount was below of 2.56 billion. Moscow was dissatisfied with the decision of the court, and in early March, 2018, the Russian company announced the termination of contracts for the supply and transit of gas to “Naftogaz”. Later, the Russian side appealed to the appellate court for the district of Svea.

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